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Santa Banta Jokes
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1:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:28)

Santa - safola oil delo, Taha saha
gift kahniki delo nahi...
shopkeeper - Bhai taha saha
kichhi gift nahi...
Santa - ullu banao nahi!!! Aethi
Lekha heichhi "Cholesterol Free"

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2:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:27)

Santa: Wife ro baapa ku Sasur
kahuchanti, tebe Girlfriend ro
baapa ku kana kahiba???
Banta:Jadi marrige pain raji
heigala tebe SASUR nahele
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3:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:27)

Banta: Santa bhai tamo restaurant kemiti chalichi?
Santa: Bhai Pura manda.. Bilkul beparo nahi..
Banta: Are mu tini tharo asilini, kintu tala lagi thauchhi...
Santa : Bhai tu lunch na hele dinner time asithibu..
se time re ame khai baku ghar ku jai thauch
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4:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:27)

Gote choro - Santa Gharu chori
kari,Dhire Jauthila...
Etiki Bhitare Santa ro pua Uthi
Padila ... . . . .
aau Kahila:
Sala School bag bhi ne, Nahele
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5:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:27)

Santa ta Pua (Pappu) ku Gachha re Bandhi Jordar Maru Thila..
Yeha Dekhi Padosi Banta “Bhai Ete Kahniki Marucho Chotto Chua ku?”
Santa: “Kaliki ta Result Baharibo, Mu Aaji Thu 5day Tour re Jauchi Bhabili Kali ro Kamo aji Karidebi.“
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6:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:26)

Sardar ko sapne me ek ladki ne chappal mari,
2 din tak sardar apne bank nahi gaya,
Qnki bank me likha tha..
“hum aapke sapne ko hakikat me badalte hain”
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7:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:26)

Chalakh Santa!!..
Santa : I Love You
Girl : Mo Chappal ro Size janichu na..?
Santa :- OH...Ho.. Propose Karu Karu GIFT MAGIBA START aau gift b kana chappal... Bhikhari Kouthiro... Chal jaa pawan asibaku de I hate u..
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8:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:26)

Daru ki vajah se Barbad Sharabi ne Kasam li aur Ghar se Daru ki khali bottles fekne laga....
1st bottle fekte bola :- Teri Vajah se Meri Naukri gayi....
2nd fekte bola :- Teri Vajah se Mera Ghar bika ...
3rd fekte bola:- Teri Vajah se Meri Biwi ?? Chali Gayi ...
4th wali bottle uthaai to woh bhari hui nikli? ... toh bola :- Tu Side me hoja Pagli, Tu to bekasur hai. ..??????
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9:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:26)

Santa complains to Banta, "I can't take it anymore".
Banta: What's wrong?
Santa: It's my wife. Every time we have an argument, she gets historical!
"You mean hysterical", chuckled Banta.
"No, I mean HISTORICAL," Santa insists. "Every argument we have, she'll go - I still remember that time when you..."
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10:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:26)

Santa, while driving home, met with an accident after getting drunk and became unconscious.
Soon after waking up, he muttered, "Where am I? Where am I?"
Nurse: This is number 231.
Santa: Room or cell?
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11:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:22)

Santa: At last, my younger son bought Tablet with his own money.
Banta: That's wonderful. It's iPad, Samsung or ...
Santa: No No No. It's 'Crocin' for my headache!
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12:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:22)

Santa: The doctor told me to drink alcohol only one day a week.
Banta: But you drink everyday...
Santa: Yeah. He did not say which day. So I drink every day so as not to miss that day!
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13:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:22)

Banta: Did you you go to the doctor for your ailment?
Santa: Yes, I did.
Banta: Did he find out what you had?
Santa: Very nearly.
Banta: What do you mean, very nearly?
Santa: Well, I had 450 bucks and he charged me 400!
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14:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:22)

Santa to Bank Manager, "My cheque was returned by your bank with the mark, Insufficient Funds".
Manager: Quite right, Sir!
Santa: I wanna know whether it refers to mine or the Bank's Funds?
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15:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:22)

Santa and Banta are looking through a mail order catalogue.
Santa: Look at these gorgeous women! The prices are reasonable, too.
Banta agrees, "I'm ordering one right now".
3 weeks later Santa says to Banta "Has your woman turned up yet?"
"No" said Banta "but it shouldn't be long now though. Her clothes arrived yesterday!"
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16:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:21)

A worried Santa to the local police, "I've been getting threatening letters in the mail". That's against the law, isn't it?"
"It certainly is", the Inspector replied. "Do you know who's been writing them?"
"Yeah', replied Santa. "My girlfriend's husband!"
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17:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:21)

Santa: Dude, you were so drunk last night at the party.
Banta: No I wasn't.
Santa: O ya, you called a taxi to take you home.
Banta: I didn't want to get a ticket for being drunk and driving.
Santa: The party was at your house!
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18:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:21)

Santa: Our new neighbour is an "Aam Aadmi Party" member.
Banta: How do you know that?
Santa: Today morning, when I waved my hand to her, she showed me the 'Broom'!
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19:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:21)

Santa: I take a cold shower every morning and even in winters.
Banta: Why brag about it?
Santa: Gosh, that's why I take it!
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20:- Post By: Admin(22.05 12:21)

Santa: Wives are like microwaves.
Banta: You mean they're hazardous?
Santa: Yes they are; and they cook our food!
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